Friday, January 17, 2014

IPC launches upgraded system to enhance treatment of cross-border consumer enquiries

International Post Corporation (IPC) launched its new Global Customer Service System (GCSS), presenting a number of enhancements to the existing customer service system. The new system will link more than 250 call centres globally from about 180 posts in over 175 countries, enabling a more effective and rapid resolution of customers queries.
GCSSWith the rapid growth in cross-border postal items volumes, customers expect a rapid answer to queries about the location or delivery status of their items. This has led to an increased need for swift cooperation between posts involved. The new IPC Global Customer Service System aims at reducing the time required to  resolve customers’ queries, meeting the needs of customers and at the same time reducing the workload and hence the costs for the individual posts’ customer services. With the inclusion of all international tracking information and continuous update of data, this tool answers the increasing demands from e-retailers and consumers for real-time information about the whereabouts of cross-border postal items.
IPC’s newly upgraded Global Customer Service System builds on the original IT-based IPC system developed 12 years ago to replace a paper query system. The GCSS is a web-based application enabling the exchange of enquiries between posts’ customer service departments. It contains a formalised workflow based on competitive response targets, with focus on proper data provision and conclusive replies, and various tools to pro-actively communicate information on item and query status.
IPC has also set up a dedicated Working Group on Customer Service Quality Awareness, with the aim of creating tools, guidelines and methodologies that will help customer service agents to better operate the GCSS workflow and respond to market demands.
In a first phase, the IPC Global Customer Service System is being applied to priority parcels in all 31 posts participating in the IPC e-Parcel Group (EPG) delivery network1. In November this year, the system is to be extended to Registered, Exprès and Insured services through the IPC-managed PRIME initiative and in March 2014 to EMS products. Ultimately the IPC GCSS will be used for all types of services by up to 180 posts worldwide.  
Ensuring a swift treatment of cross-border customer enquiries is essential for posts to be able to play a bigger role in cross-border e-Commerce. The IPC global customer service system is therefore a key element of IPC’s e-Commerce solutions.
1  Österreichische Post, AT; bpost, BE;  Swiss Post, CH; Croatian Post, HR; Cyprus Post, CY; Czech Post, CZ; Deutsche Post, DE; Post Danmark, DK; Eesti Post, EE; Correos, ES; Itella, FI; ColiPoste, FR; Chronopost, FR; Royal Mail, UK; ELTA, GR; Magyar Posta, HU; An Post, IE; Iceland Post, IS; Poste Italiane, IT; Lithuania Post, LT; Latvia Post, LV; P&T Luxembourg, LU; Malta Post, MT; TNT Post, NL; Norway Post, NO; Poczta Polska, PL; CTT Expresso, PT; Poşta Română, RO; Posten Logistic, SE; Posta Slovenije, SI; Slovak Post, SK; USPS, US

Quote correct BIN to file TDS Statements within Due Date

It is mandatory for Government deductors, who are reporting TDS without payment through bank challans, to quote correct Book Identification Number (BIN), while filing TDS/TCS statement. In case correct BIN is not quoted in the respective TDS statement, a Short Payment demand shall be raised by CPC(TDS).
As you may be aware, BIN is generated by the Tax Information Network (NSDL) once the respective
Principal Accounts Officer files monthly statements in Form 24G.

You are requested to contact  your respective PAO/ AO/ AAO/DTO/ TO/ CDO and collect the BIN details. You can also check BIN from TIN portal at

Please note that the due date for filling TDS/TCS statement for the Quarter 3 of Financial Year 2013-14  is 31st January’2014. You are, therefore, advised to file your TDS/TCS statement on time to avoid late filing fee of Rupees 200/- per day u/s 234E of Income Tax Act, 1961.
For any further assistance, you can also write to or call toll-free number 1800 103 0344

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Pillars of Good Governance and Citizen Centric Administration : Final Competency Dictionary for Civil Services

National Training policy (NTP) - 2012 stipulates that each Government Department / Ministry should classify all posts with a clear job description and competencies required in order to move from the current system of rule based Personnel Administration to Competency - based system of Strategic Human Resources Management. The objective of moving towards a competency based approach is to ensure that each job is performed by the person who has the required competencies for that job. After receiving the comments, DOPT in collaboration with UNDP had prepared Competency Dictionary for Civil Services has been finalized. The Competency Dictionary can be utilized by the Departments / Ministries / Training Institutions for various human resource functions including capacity development of civil servants.

Click here to Download Competency Dictionary for Civil Services


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Income Tax new version 3.8 of the Return Preparation Utility (RPU) and version 4.1 & 2.137 of the File Validation Utility (FVU)

a new version 3.8 of the Return Preparation Utility (RPU) and version 4.1 & 2.137 of the File Validation Utility (FVU) have been released by NSDL.
As the due date of filing of quarterly TDS statement for third quarter of FY 2013-14 is approaching fast, you are advised to use the new version of RPU to prepare statements and validate the file with new FVU to submit TDS statements, well before due date (15th January for Non-Government deductors and 31st January for Government deductors).
The new versions features following significant changes from the previous:
  • Discontinuation of functionality to delete Deductee records: For the purpose of correct reporting, deletion of Deductee rows is no longer permissible in the TDS statements. Accordingly, the delete option available under “Updation mode for Deductee” has been removed from the RPU.
  • Date of deduction should not pertain to previous quarter: The relevant quarter in a TDS statement is determined by the date of deduction. Further, to correct any transaction having a Default, there would be a necessity to report transactions, where date of deduction may be of subsequent quarter. In the light of above, Date of deduction in deductee records should not be that of previous quarter. For example, if the statement pertains to Q3 of FY 2013-14 (i.e. Oct- Dec 2013), then the date of deduction should not be earlier than 01/10/2013.
  • Please note that the challan paid with a specific section code can be utilised for consumption with any other section code in the Deductee rows. For example, a challan with Section Code 192 can be used for any other sections 193, 194, 194A etc. in the challan detail row.
  • Change in the  column header for “Interest Amount” in challan details of RPU: The heading of column no. 20 under Challan details has been changed as “Interest to be allocated/apportioned”. Please note that CPC (TDS) will consume Interest as reported in the above stated column and therefore, it is important to quote the same correctly.
  • Generation of Form 27A by TDS/TCS FVU: An acknowledgement in form 27A can now be generated and printed using the new versions of RPU and FVU.
Please click here to download new versions of the RPU and FVU.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year wishes from Chief Postmaster General, Maharashtra Circle

Col K C Mishra, VSM                                                        O/O CPMG Maharashtra Circle
Chief Postmaster General                                             Mumbai 400 001

DO Letter No CPMG/Misc/NYG/2013 dated 01.01.2014
My dear Shri

God has opened an account in your name with the account No as 2014. He has deposited full 365 days in this account. Let me take this occasion to thank and express my heartiest gratitude to you and your family members, your near and dear ones and teammates, who have made the year 2013 a really wonderful and enjoyable for all of us. I sincerely wish a very happy, prosperous, progressive, peaceful, bright and wonderful new year 2014 to each one of you. May God bless all of you with everything that you desire and dreamt.  

On the beginning of the new year 2014, I take this opportunity to take you to retrospective tour of the year 2013 and to make promises to ourselves for the year 2014. While going down the memory lane for 2013, especially from 23.01.2013, when I took over the command of Great Maharashtra Circle as Chief Postmaster General, it has given me an immense   satisfaction for the performance of each one of you during 2013 when compared with same period of 2012. I would like to put on record, my appreciation to all of you  for the good work done so far.

While reviewing the performance of current financial year, I recall the promise made by each one of you during Conference on “Journey Towards Excellence” at Mumbai in April 2013, similar conferences at Regional Levels and ‘one to one’ interaction with me on various occasions. The promise was very simple to achieve all the financial and physical targets set for financial year 2013-14 by 31.12.2013. However, the figures received up to 31.12.2013 are not speaking on the same line as the promises were made. But it does not mean that you have not made sincere efforts in this regard.

I am glad to share with you that some of the Divisions thought of something out of box and took the challenge and they have been able to achieve 100% of proportionate target required to be achieved up to December 2013. This is really commendable and I congratulate them for this significant achievement. As on date, the Maharashtra Circle, amongst all Postal Circles, is figuring on second position in revenue generation segment. I am sure if all of you would have even achieved 100% of proportionate target required to be achieved up to December 2013, Maharashtra Circle would have been shown in the first rank in the country.

 As all of you know that I will be retiring on 31.01.2014 for which only 31 days are left now. Undoubtedly,  I have complete faith in your capacity and capability which you have already shown in February and March 2013 by over achieving the target.  This needs to be replicated in just 31 days with complete devotion, total dedication and focused mind.  I am fully confident that no one can stop Maharashtra Circle from becoming No 1 Circle in the country, which has been my long cherished desire. If it happens, this will be your greatest tribute to me and I can retire with pride and with the sense that you have shown complete solidarity and total team spirit towards me.   May I request you to share this message with one and all staff of the unit you are commanding. Chak De Maharashtra

Remember : India Post Mera Dost

With regards


(Col K C Mishra,VSM)
Chief Postmaster General
Maharashtra Circle, Mumbai 400 001