Sunday, December 01, 2013

Guide on the Right to Information Act, 2005 - Updated Version.

The present guide is an updated and consolidated guide for the use of all stakeholders.
This guide contains five parts.
  • Part I of the guide discusses some aspects of the Act which all the stake-holders are required to know.
  • Rest of the four parts are specifically relevant to the public authorities, the information seekers, the public information officers and the first appellate authorities respectively.

Contents of this guide are specifically relevant in relation to the Central Government but are equally applicable to the State Governments except in relation to rules about payment of fee or deciding of appeals by the Information Commissions. It may be noted that this guide uses the term Public Information Officer in place of Central Public Information Officer/State Public Information Officer. Likewise Assistant Public Information Officer has been used for Central Assistant Public Information Officer/State Assistant Public Information Officer and Information Commission for Central Information Commission/State Information Commission except where it was considered necessary to make specific reference to the Central Public Information Officer/Central Information Commission etc.