Tuesday, November 05, 2013

New version of Speed Net 4.1 is released

In order to further improvise the features and functionality available in Speed Net and resolve some of the operational issues faced by the Circles, a new version of Speed Net called “Speed Net 4.1” has been released by CEPT. The files containing the new version of the Speed Net software is available for download at the CEPT FTP site :

2. What does the new version provide?
Version 4.1 adds following features:
(i) Returned to Sender (RTS) / Missent remark for despatch of Speed Post articles would be mandatory for delivery Post Offices. Without valid RTS/missent remarks, the article cannot be returned back by the post offices. This should resolve the problem of lack of RTS remarks faced by many circles.
(ii) Provision to select delivery date while taking delivery returns in case of bulk delivery through Sorting Hub/IC Hub under Bulk Delivery option has been made for Sorting Hubs and Intra Circle Hubs. Thus, in case the bags have been close and sent for delivery by a Sorting Hub on a particular day but delivery could not be done for any reason the same day, there would be a provision to enter the actual date of delivery. However, it is informed that this provision may be used carefully.   
(iii) Bulk Addressee Special Delivery Slip (generated by SH/ICH for making bulk delivery directly to the bulk addressee) has been redesigned and it is available for SH / ICH. This allows printing of 3 Speed Post articles per row, and hence, consumes less paper.  
(iv) Updation of delivery remarks for Articles under “Other Office Articles – Delivery Data” option is now limited to offices falling under the PIN code jurisdiction of a delivery Post Office. This has been done to prevent misuse of the feature of updation of delivery data facility.  
(v) A provision now exists to upgrade local databases from Central Server through Speed Net Communication. This would help the central system to push new updates to the local systems centrally.
3. All post offices (whether booking or delivery), Sorting Hubs (Speed Post) and Intra Circle Hubs (Speed Post) are required to download and install Speed Net 4.1 from the url/website details given above in this mail. A “Release Document” along with a “read me” file containing details of the software version, installation procedure, check list etc. is attached with this e-mail. The same may be brought to the notice of all concerned.
4. It is requested that all post offices, all Sorting Hubs and all Intra Circle Hubs may be directed to download and install Speed Net version 4.1 at the earliest and latest by 07.11.2013. A compliance report may accordingly be sent only by e-mail to the undersigned.

Center for Excellence in Postal Technology.

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