Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shorten Your Email Address and Protect it !

You probably have heard of URL shortening , have you heard of ' e-mail ' shortening ?!    well there is something like that !   It not only compresses your e-mail ID but also protects it form being hacked !
The website which does this is Bouncr . Visit it and just give your ID . they will shorten it and you can customize it too !
 It works by hiding your permanent email address with a Bouncr proxy. You then share it however and with whomever you wish. Anytime you're receiving unwanted emails, simply cancel your Bouncr account and it's gone. You can sign up again anytime.
  • Get a free, short email address and share it with confidence
  • Bouncr stands between unwanted mail and your inbox. Strangers never see your email address.
  • Stop spam and annoying email in its tracks. You control the link between Bouncr and your email address.

What is Bouncr?
Bouncr is a service that helps you share your email publicly in a safe way.
Can I have multiple Bouncr addresses?
Absolutely. Each time you enter an email address we'll create a randomly assigned email, which you have the option to customize.
How do I delete a Bouncr address?
Everytime you enter an email with us, we'll send you a confirmation message. This message contains a link that will let you delete your email anytime you want.
Does Bouncr filter spam and viruses?
Yes. While Bouncr is not meant to be an anti-spam service we do our best to filter out obvious spam and virus messages. Spam and virus messages will be rejected so the sender will know their message did not get through to you (but most likely they won't care since they're probably a spambot or Trojan infected machine).
I got a spam message from Bouncr. What's up with that?
Bouncr will NEVER send you spam. However our spam filters aren't perfect and may let the occasional spam message through. Although the spam message may have come through Bouncr servers, it did not come directly from Bouncr. If you start to receive a lot of spam it might be about time to delete that Bouncr address and get a new one.
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