Sunday, September 15, 2013

SpeedNet 4.0 was released by CEPT, Mysore

Link to download update is available at CEPT FTP.

The following new features were incorporated in SpeedNet 4.0 :

New Features / options:

1) Speed Post - Cash on Delivery (SP-COD)
2) Business Reply Speed Post (BRSP)
3) Bulk Delivery option for Sorting Hubs / IC Hubs
4) Provision to update delivery returns of RGI articles under Other Office Articles - Delivery Data option
5) Regeneration of Delivery messages especially for RGI articles
6) International EMS tariff revision w.e.f. 01.05.2013
7) Encryption in SpeedNet Communication
8) DB upgradation through SpeedNet Communication
9) Office data updation through SpeedNet Communication
10) Capturing of Delivery Time during Speed Post returns
11) MIS Report for Speed Post delivery performance
12) Bag Closing option for WNX articles
13) Use of SpeedOne Installer and SpeedOne Updater for SpeedNet 4.0

Additionally, following bugs noticed after release of Update 6 to SpeedNet 3.1.2 on 01/10/2012 were fixed in the current release:

Bugs fixed:

1) Error while modifying remarks under Remarks From Other Offices option
2) Mandatory requirement for scanning of Missent articles under Delivery ? Dispatch ? Missent Articles option is enforced
3) Closing of SP Bags error: SQL Server Deadlock issue
4) Constraint in repeated handling of same article in receipt and disposal
5) Virtual Scanning (opening of bag / receipt of articles) issues
6) Errors in opening of Transit bags and bundles
7) Errors during modification of bags opened including transit bags
8) Fetch from counter issues: Collation errors, Heterogeneous query errors, SQL 2005 and 2008 related errors
9) Abstract related issues
10) Discrepancy report modified to segregate articles collected and not disposed, articles received but not disposed
11) Configure Mail List error for offices like MBC, BNPL etc.,
12) Flush Data Logic change to speed up the flushing process
13) New concept of active status for offices implemented for excluding old offices data during bag receipt / open/ close options etc.,
14) Post Paid / Advance customer billing logic modified to exclude discount on tax values
15) Extension of period of retention of delivery data