Monday, September 30, 2013

eMO, ePayment, Speednet and Accounts MIS Clients were Not Transmitting

New certificates for eMO, Epayment, Speednet and Accounts MIS clients except for R net communication.
After 29/09/2013 eMO, ePayment, speednet and Accounts MIS Clients were not transmitting due to PTC Mysore certificate has been expired.

Solution: Solution provided by PTC Mysore.

1. Download Attached Certificate file from the link given below.
2. Kindly register the certificate by double clicking on the file RegisterCACft.exe
3.This certificate is not appicable for R NET COMMUNICATION.

Download Link: Download from SendSpace
Courtesy : Vel Swamy, National Sys Administror, IPS Software, N R. Bhat, Kerala Post, CEPT Mysore and