Sunday, July 14, 2013

I need to use my Digital Certificate from a different machine. Is this possible?

Yes. You can easily transfer your Digital Certificate from one machine to another. The process is called 'Certificate Export / Import'.

Digital Certificate Backup - Export/ Import your Digital Certificate
When you enroll for a digital certificate from a machine, the certificate and the corresponding private key are installed in your browser. If the machine is formatted or if the browser is upgraded/re-installed, your private key and the certificate will be permanently lost. Once lost, your private key cannot be recovered (since you are the sole owner of your private key) and you will not be able to digitally sign mails/messages or read encrypted mails/messages. The only option in this case is to apply for a new digital certificate.
To avoid this scenario, you can backup your private key and digital certificate. Once backed up, your private key and digital certificate can be recovered in IE (5.0 and above) or Netscape (4.7 and above) browser on any machine.
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Source : NIC Certifying Authority