Saturday, June 29, 2013

eMO Version 7 New Update 8 Released by PTC Mysore

Click here to Download FTP eMO Version 7 New Update 8

ReadMe for eMO Version 7 Update 8 
Ensure that your eMO database was already upgraded with that of available in rar file 
at .

New Features:
  1. Handling of CPSMS

Applications upgradation Procedure:

 a. Stop eMO Client application.
 b. Replace existing emoclient.exe available in installation path with the new version provided

Database upgradation Procedure (Using Script tool):

 a. Take the backup of NREGAeMO database.
 b. Stop eMO Client and SanchayPost applications to ensure that NREGAEMO database is not in use.   
 c. Double click on the ScriptTool.exe.
 d. Give the Database Server Name.Check WindowsAutentication Checkbox if required.
 e. Execute the script NregaemoVer7Update8.exl.