Saturday, April 06, 2013

how to enabled ping response in Windows 7

Ping: this is reply by the machine on the network when request is sent to this machine's IP address.

Why it is necessary: suppose you have multiple machines and you want to know if there is machine on the network with given IP. That's when you use ping. This packet is classified as ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol).

Many network admins routinely use that and windows machines are their pain as these by default do not respond ping.

 Anyway, here is how to enabled ping response in Windows 7:

Control Panel --> System and security --> Windows Firewall --> Advanced settings --> Inbound rules --> New rule --> custom rule

in Protocol and ports: Protocol: ICMPv4
on the same panel go to customize, choose "Specific ICMP types", check the box "echo request"

The rest is go to next... next... and save it.