Friday, March 29, 2013

Procedure for Supplementary Accounts

This document explains the steps to be followed in generating the Cash

account for March, supplementary cash book as well as the supplementary cash

account and later the general cash book. Great care may be taken in proceeding

with the work. So, please go through this document entirely, before the work on

supplementary accounts is taken up

Declaring the working days for March and April

During the month of March, when the Day begin is done for the first time in

the sub accounts module, the Supervisor is expected to enter the last working day in

the month of March and the first working day in the month of April. For the current

year 2013, it will be 30.3.2013(last working day in March 2013) and 01.04.2013(first

working day in April 2013). This is taken as the default value in the application.

This may kindly be checked up(use the menu Tools – Supplementary dates working

as Supervisor). If there are some other dates, they may be changed to 30.3.2013

and 01.04.2013 respectively, before 30

th March.

Regular cashbook during the month of March

Regular work in all the modules leading to the generation of cashbook can

continue up to 30

th March in the usual course and there is no change

Generation of cash account for March (regular)

All HOs should note that cash account for March (regular)

should be

generated before supplementary transactions commence. So, on the first of April,

the accounts branch has to generate cash account for March, preferably before day

begin is done in sub accounts module (though this is not a precondition, it ensures

that work in supplementary accounts is not started)

Work in supplementary accounts

Please note that the Meghdoot module provides for seven supplementaries.

Daily accounts of all sub offices for March should be obtained latest by seven

supplementary and incorporated in the accounts.

After the cash account for March 2013 (regular) is generated, day begin can

be done in sub accounts module in the usual course.

First supplementary

Daily accounts received should be segregated between those of March and of

April and bundled separately. The daily accounts of April should be entered using

the usual menu Data entry – SO daily accounts and selecting the appropriate SOs.

Note that supplementary daily accounts should not be posted using this


. The daily accounts of March should be posted using the menu

Supplementary – SupplementarydataSO. On completion of the posting, printing of

SO summaries can be taken separately for regular and supplementary (for

supplementary, use the menu Supplementary – Printing SO reports). Other tasks of

preparing SO slips should be done in the usual course.

At the end of the day, remittances should be verified in the usual course.

After such verification, daily account adjustments for remittances of daily accounts of

April should be done in the usual course first. Thereafter, the adjustment of

remittances in March daily accounts should be taken up using the menu

Supplementary – Remittances – SO daily account. While carrying out such

adjustments, note down the details of remittances made by SOs in March which are

acknowledged in April (called technical transit).

On completion of the adjustment of remittances as per daily accounts, view

the transit and advance items pending in the following sequence

1. Regular transit and advance using the menu Transit – SO transit

figures or SO Advance figures

2. Supplementary transit and advance using the menu Supplementary –

SO Transit figures and SO Advance figures

3. Consolidated transit using the menu Supplementary – Consolidated

transit – Technical transit

Note that the third item will show you all the remittances in transit including

those of April.

Now please add the technical transit items, using the

Add button here.

Please note that such items added will not appear here on the day of adding but will

be available in the print out. This has to be invariably done for the supplementary

accounts to tally correctly. This technical transit item which will remain pending for

adjustment throughout the supplementary period will automatically get adjusted

after the last supplementary when you move over to the regular accounts

On completion of such addition, the operator should take the print out of

transit and advance summaries for both regular and supplementary transactions.

Now, the accounts branch can generate the cash book for first


While the supplementary transactions are pending, regular cash book

should not be generated.

The HO can generate only the HO summary and regular SO summary for the

days when supplementary accounts are pending.

On completion of all these tasks, day end can be done in all the modules of

Meghdoot for the first April

Second and third supplementary

The same process as above should be repeated for second and third

supplementary(if any) during which period regular cashbook should never be

generated. Technical transit items should be added as in first supplementary.

On the day of last supplementary when all the remaining daily accounts of

March 30 are received, the details of balances(red ink particulars) for the HO and SO

balances of all SOs of date 30.3 should be noted down. The total of technical transit

and the unadjusted transit of March, corresponding to the details of closing balance

as per Supplementary cash book should also be noted down. These details are

required for generation of supplementary cash account.

Supplementary cash account

On completion of all the supplementary accounts and on generation of the

cashbook for the last supplementary, the supplementary cash account can also be


The accounts branch has to now access the cash account menu and select the

March month. A dialog box will come up prompting to furnish details of balance.

Click the Yes button. In the next window, you will find the details of closing balance

of March as furnished initially. You have to now edit this figure to enter the details of

SO balance and transit for the last supplementary (HO balance need not be changed)

and generate the supplementary cash account. The cash account will now furnish

the transactions including that of supplementaries and also the red ink particulars


After the supplementary cash account is generated, the regular cash book can

be generated from the next day onwards

Regular cashbook for April

It is reiterated that

regular cash book generation should never be

attempted when the supplementary accounts are still in progress

. You can

proceed with generating regular cashbook from the subsequent day onwards (and

also for 1

st April and subsequent days) after the last supplementary including.

Note : minimum one supplementary is compulsory