Friday, December 07, 2012

MACP Upgradation to Promotees - Department filed Appeal against the orders of CAT Jodhpur

Hon’ble CAT Jodhpur in its judgment dated 22.05.2012 in OA No. 382/2011, 353/2011 and 354/2011 has held that whenever an official appears in LDCE and gets selected to the post, then it starts new innings for him and for the purpose of counting his stagnation, if any, from the date of joining of the new post alone would be relevant and his previous career advancement cannot be called as promotion within the definition of the word“promotion” for consideration of his eligibility under MACP scheme.
Department of Posts has now filed appeal petition before the Hon’ble High court of Jodhpur against the orders of Hon’ble CAT Jodhpur.