Monday, October 01, 2012

Update-4 to Meghdoot 7.0 (Point of Sale & WNX)

Update-4 to Meghdoot 7.0 (Point of Sale) by
Centre for Excellence In Postal Technology, Mysore 570010

To be implemented From 1st October, 2012



As per CGM, BD & Mktg Directorate, New Delhi letter no. 57-06/2011-BD&MD (pt) dated 21.09.2012, Speed Post tariff has been revised w.e.f. 01-10-2012. Further it is clarified by PA Wing of Postal Directorate vide Letter No.PA/BK-I/Service Tax/2012-13/D-6029 dated 19-9-2012 that Service tax and education cess has to be rounded off as a single component to the nearest rupee, instead of round upwards.

Based on the afore said two orders, modifications to Point of Sale application have been done. Further the wnx.dll also has been modified and the updated version is made available.

Hence this release.

Pre-requisites :
Update-3 to Meghdoot 7.0 released on 17.09.2012 which is also available in ftp site at url

Contents :

Update-4 for Point of Sale & WNX contains the following:


Point of Sale exe



Installation Instructions

Ensure that Up-gradation is carried out after Day End.

Ensure you have already upgraded to Update-3 to Meghdoot Version 7.0

Ensure that backup of Counter database and counter.mdb are taken and securely preserved.

After database up-gradation, please check whether it is run without any errors. If any errors are reported, please send the log files created by the application to

Upgradation Procedure

Replace the existing PointOfSale.exe with the new PointOfSale.exe in Point Of Sale Client installation path.

Copy the WNX.DLL to the Point Of Sale Client installation path and register the dll.
New Features
Point of Sale:

The new Speed Post Tariff which will be effective from 1st October 2012 is incorporated.
The amount of Service tax and education cess will be rounded off as a single component to the nearest rupee for Inland and Foreign Speed Post Transactions.

Rectified the error "Implicit conversion from Varchar to …" while doing WNX transactions.

Rectified the error "String or binary data would be…" while doing WNX transactions.

Tip : While doing WNX transactions, for printing Airway Bill an option to select the printer will be available. After selecting the printer, Airway Bill can be printed on any network printer. After printing the airway bill, the local MPCM printer has to be selected to print the receipt.

Logic implemented for Rounding off the Service Tax and Education Cess Components as per the directions contained in Dte’s letter no. Letter No.PA/BK-I/Service Tax/ 2012-13/D-6029 dated 19-9-2012:

1) Service Tax, Education Cess and Higher Education Cess will be summed and the total of these three components (Total tax due amount) is rounded off to the nearest rupee (i.e, if the Total tax due amount has a fraction of rupee up to 0.49 Ps, then the fraction amount is ignored OR deducted from the Total tax due amount. If the Total tax due amount contains fraction of rupee above 0.49 Ps (i.e. 0.50 and above), then it is rounded upwards to the next higher rupee.

2) Out of the Collected Tax amount after rounding off as mentioned in Point No.1 above, the split up between Service Tax and Education Cess is done as mentioned below:

The Education Cess (including Higher Education Cess) component is rounded off to the nearest rupee first.

The Service Tax component is taken as the difference between the Collected Tax amount and rounded off Education Cess.