Monday, September 24, 2012

Solutions for the general problems noticed in Update-3 to Meghdoot 7.0

The Script files and Exes mentioned below can be downloaded from the location


Problem Noticed
Collation Errors while executing eMO script files
Please run the eMO.exl
Discrepancy in Generation of Voucher no. automatically while using Bank Remittance Option in Treasury Module when more than one remittance was made to the Bank on a particular day
Please run Treasury.exl
Sub Accounts
 Invalid Column name 'remittancedetails3'
Please replace the new
Sub Accounts exe
Error "Dly_Select_EVPForIssuingtoPostmen has too many arguments”
Please replace the new  Postman exe  and run eCounter.exl  
Script execution error  in offices where SQL 2000 is running
Please run Schedule.exl
error while operator logging into Despatch Application for the red bag entries clearance
Please replace the new Despatch.exe and run Counter.exl
RNet Client
Syntax Error at the time of HVMO List Preparation
Please replace the new RNet.exe
List of BPC/MBCs not coming for the Bag Receipt option
Please follow the below steps:
 1)Please run the RegisterNet.exl
2) Give request for office master and hub master.
3) After the receipt of the data, first upload the office master and then the hub master.
R Net communication
Error Message in the log file "internet connection is Unavailable due to internet connectivity.
Please replace the new
Error “Channel http is not registered with remoting services”
Please register RegisterCACft.exe

The Script files and Exes mentioned above can be downloaded from the location