Saturday, November 12, 2011

Download Form 27A in Excel Format

Click here to Download Form 27A

Form 27 A : Each e-TDS return file should be accompanied by a duly filled and signed (by an authorised signatory) Form 27A in physical form.
There should be not any overwriting / striking on Form 27A. If there is any, then the same should be ratified by an authorised signatory.
The Control Chart in Form 27A is duly filled in all columns and verified and as enclosed in paper form with the e-TDS return on computer media.
The Control totals of the amount paid and the tax deducted at source as mentioned at item No.4 of Form No.27A tally with the corresponding totals in the e-TDS return in Form No. 24 or Form No. 26 or Form No.27, as the case may be