Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Speed Net Ver 3.1.2Version with Revision Date as on30/08/2011

Speed Net Team, Centre For Excellence In Postal Technology, PTC, Mysore is releasing an Revision Update to Speed Net Ver 3.1.2 Version with Revision Date as on 30/08/2011.

1. SpeedNet Set-Up for P2P Offices to use it along with UID Booking Module.

2. Two important solutions given as below.

A. Change in the BNPL Booking Message for Excel File Upload and Range Scan - Change in the internal process in the software. This is to fix the problem of Excel File Article Message Data getting mixed up with Range Scan Articles Message Data -when the two types of booking are executed at the same point of time from two different systems. There is possibility of missing Pin Codes due to this mixing of message data which is avoided through this updation.

B. Solution for Shift End error in SpeedNet where it is configured with No Sets.

Solution for Shift End error - "Unknown"

3. MNOP latest changes to 3 Circles AP ( Rajhamandry New IC hub) / UP ( Varanasi/Allahabad Pin Range Modification) / Punjab (Chandigarh and Patiala

Pin Range Modification). Supervisor has to use the option Master-> Hub Details and Update option to get the latest data. Latest data can be viewed thereafter.

4. Collection of counter Booked Flat Rate Box in SpeedNet with Specific Article Types. Domestic FRB as EPP / Domestic Ins FRB as Ins EPP and Foreign FRB as FRGN (Merchandise). SpeedNet will allow the prefix CF for Domestic FRBs and CP for Foreign FRBs for those types of Articles only.

5. Remarks From Other Office :- Date of Delivery can be any date between the Date of Invoice to the Current Date.

6. Discrepency Report Solution.
Other important issues provided through 23/07/2011 remains same with an additional Read me file on U series Article handling under SpeedNet Documents folder:

23/07/2011 was for providing:

i) Provisions for Prepaid/Advance Customers with Booking/Billing/Reports options.

ii) Enhanced features for Collection Agents including Billing w.r.t. acceptance of articles from Prepaid/Advance/BNPL Customers.

iii) Newly Installed and configured SpeedNet not to have BOs in Office Master - In compliance with the requirement of adding all of BOs of Pin Code Directory into SPC Site Office master data, latest BO data is available at SPC Site.

For more details, please see the New installation Notes as to how to update the latest BO data into local database.

iv) Weight Limit for Foreign EMS Articles as per Dte Lr No. 22-1/2011-DA dated 22/06/2011 is provided.

v) EPP Related : -

EPP Booking for BNPL Articles with Circle allotted Barcode prefix validation, EPP Distance Configuration for Cities, closing separate EPP Bag with EPP Articles was already provided vide release dated 20/05/2011. Delivery of EPP Articles was already available in the SpeedNet earlier version and the same is continued.

In this release we have provided – Circle Wise EPP Bag Barcode Series validation as per Dte Lr. No 10-20/2008 BD&MD dated 06/06/2011.

Please read the file - <EPP_Related_Provisions> in SpeedNet Documents folder for more details.

vi) Article/ Bag Barcode validation for Print To Post Centers who book and bag UID Articles with U series Barcodes as per Dte Lr. No. 51-53/2010-BD&MD dated 14/07/2011. Separate BO Bag Provision is made to Close BO UID Bags.

UID Booking should be done through Excel File Upload with Reference No. column filled with UID Article Reference No.

vii) Handling of U Series Barcoded UID Articles at Delivery Offices: Offices other than Print To Post Centers can receive the Bags from Print to Post Centers and receive the articles, issue to post man for delivery or send for other offices for delivery with U series Barcodes.

Please read the file - <Handling UID Articles Receipt_Delivery> in SpeedNet Documents folder for more details.

viii) BO Bag Close with UID Bundles/Articles at Delivery Office.

When Print to Post Centers close Bags with Bundles of UID Articles to Delivery offices, there may be also Bundles for BOs of those Delivery Offices.

As those UID Bundles shouldn’t be opened at Delivery Office – BO Bag Close with UID Bundles/ Articles if any sent loose, is provided.

Please read the file - <Handling UID Articles Receipt_Delivery> in SpeedNet Documents folder for more details

ix) MNOP Hub Master Data : Latest revisions to the Hub Master are available in this release. Supervisor has to use the option Master-> Hub Details and Update option to get the latest data. Latest data can be viewed thereafter.

Collection Agent Module:

Collection Agents using the earlier <Collection Agent Booking Module> have to be provided with new Collection Agent Module provided in this folder with 18082011 date. Current SpeedNet will work only with the Collection Agent Module 18082011 - reinstalled in the Agent system.

A Summary of all New Provisions of Speednet 3.1.2 Revised version is given at the later part of this document. Please refer for more details.

Please note that – this version can also be used by all offices using SpeedNet 3.1.2 - which have not used subsequent updates of SpeedNet 3.1.2 kept in FTP site earlier to this release. However, in such offices the DB Upgradation has to be firstly done with Database Workshop Site program using the sql files available in database Upgrades folder and then use the EXL files for upgradation through ScriptTool.exe.

SpeedNet 3.1.2 – Revision 30082011 which contains the following.

New Installation Folder contains:

* SpeedNet Server 3.1 ( There is no change in this version)

* Speed Net 3.1.2 Client Setup

* SpeedNet Communication 3.1.2

* Collection Agent Booking Module Setup

* New Installation - README.Txt

SpeedNet Upgradation Folder contains:

* Database Upgrades Folder containing POSPCC and POSPCCBackup Scripts to be executed in Database Workshop For Sites Module.

(This has to be used for upgrading the 3.1.1 version to 3.1.2. and then DB Exl Scripts also have to be used to do next level upgradation.

If your office is already using the 3.1.2 but not done the subsequent upgradation - then also this step is required.)

* Database Workshop For Sites (Latest) Module to do the DB Upgradation.

* DB Exl Scripts folder contains POSPCC.Exl and POSPCCBackup.Exl files which should be run in the Script Tool.exe.

* Script Tool.Exe

* Speed Net 3.1.2 Client Setup

* Collection Agent Booking Module Setup ( Agents to be provided with new setup)

* UPDATION READ ME.TXT file to know only Upgradation procedure.

SpeedNet Documents Folder contains:

* Release_Document_of_SpeedNet_3.1.2. ( To be provided to all Operating Offices)

* Speed Net ver 3.1.2 ( Release Version) ReadMe ( This File)

* Provision of Auto Weight for Bags - Document

* EPP_Related_Provisions - Document

* Prepaid/Advance Customers Provisions - Document

* Collection Agent Provisions - Document

* Revised_Annexure1_For_DirectBag_Provision_Request - Document

* New Installation - README.txt

* UPDATION README 30082011.txt file for upgradation notes.

* Steps for - Solution_NtWorkFetch_ BNPL Exl file Upload_SQL2005.doc

* Handling UID Articles Receipt_Delivery.doc

* Deposit Bag Close and Open.doc

* Articles to be Delivered From BO.doc