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Universal Postal Union, Letter Post Regulations International Letter Mail Forms required for operations at Office of exchanges

Universal Postal Union,  Letter Post Regulations ,

Letter Mail Forms required for operations at Office of exchanges
List of International forms
Title or nature of the form
CN 01
International reply coupon
CN 02bis
Detailed statement. Reply coupons
CN 03
Detailed statement. Reply coupons exchanged
CN 03bis
Recapitulative statement. Reply coupons
CN 04
"R” label for registered items
CN 05
Label for recorded delivery items
CN 06
"V” label for insured items
CN 07
Advice of receipt/of delivery/of payment/of entry
CN 08

CN 08
CN 09
Statement of IBRS items sent
CN 10
Recapitulative statement of IBRS items
CN 11
Franking note
CN 12
Detailed monthly account. Customs, etc., charges
CN 13
Report. Information about a seized postal item
CN 14
Collective envelope. Redirection of letter-post items
CN 15
Return” label
CN 16
Dispatch list. Insured items
CN 17
– for withdrawal from the post
– for alteration or correction of address
– for cancellation or alteration of the COD amount
CN 18 
Declaration concerning the non-receipt (or receipt) of a postal item
CN 19
Detailed account. IBRS charges
CN 20
Statement. IBRS charges
CN 21
Advice. Redirection of a CN 08 form
CN 22
Customs declaration
CN 23
Customs declaration
CN 24
Report (irregularities in respect of insured letter-post items and
postal parcels)
CN 25
Bundle labels
CN 26
Bundle labels
CN 27 Table.
Routes and methods of transmission of insured items
CN 28
Envelope for the make-up of airmails
CN 29
"COD” label
CN 29bis
Label for COD items
CN 29ter
Coupon for COD items
CN 30
R” label combined with name of office of origin, number of item
and triangle bearing the indication "COD"
CN 31
Letter bill. Exchange of mails
CN 32
Letter bill. Bulk mails
CN 33
Special list. Registered items
CN 34
Bag labels for surface mail
CN 35
Airmail bag labels
CN 36 
Bag labels for S.A.L. mail
CN 37
Delivery bill. Surface mails
CN 38
Delivery bill. Airmails
CN 41
Delivery bill. Surface airlifted (S.A.L.) mails
CN 42
Direct transhipment label
CN 43
Verification note. Exchange of mails
CN 44
Trial note
CN 45
Transmission envelope for CN 38, CN 41 and CN 47 bills
CN 46
Substitute delivery bill
CN 47
Delivery bill. Mails of empty receptacles
CN 48
Statement. Amounts due in respect of indemnity
CN 51
Detailed account. Airmail
CN 52
General account
CN 53
Statement by mail. Number of items and weight of receptacles
CN 54
Recapitulative statement of items
CN 54bis
Annual recapitulative statement
CN 55
Statement of mails
CN 56
Recapitulative statement of mails
CN 57
Account. Bulk mail received
CN 58
Recapitulative statement. Terminal dues accounts for bulk mail
CN 61
Detailed account. Terminal dues
CN 62
Detailed account. Transit charges – Surface mail
CN 63
Statement. Transit charges
CN 64
Statement. Terminal dues
CN 64bis
Detailed statement. Quality of Service Fund
CN 64ter
Detailed statement. Quality of Service Fund
CN 65
Bill. Weight of missent items and à découvert items
CN 66
Statement of weights. Airmails and S.A.L. mails
CN 67
Statement of weights. À découvert priority/airmail items
CN 68
General list of airmail services