Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Record Desktop Activities in Windows 7

Click the Start button and type PSR to open the Problem Steps Recorder. This tool can capture step by step (even take screenshots) what a person is doing. When they stop the recording, the session is bundled as an MHTML file and compressed in ZIP format. An MHTML file is an IE-only HTML variant.

Recorded Problem Steps

This file contains all the steps and information that was recorded to help you describe the problem to others.
Before sharing this file, you should verify the following:
  • The steps below accurately describe the problem.
  • There is no information below or on any screenshots that you do not want others to see.
Passwords or any other text you typed were not recorded, except for function and shortcut keys that you used.
You can do the following:
  • Review the recorded problem steps
  • Review the recorded problem steps as a slide show
  • Review the additional details