Saturday, May 14, 2011

AAROGYAM - Uttar Pradesh

Aarogyam is community based digital health mapping and pregnancy tracking program which ensures health for the entire family at their door steps. It entails innovative use of IVRS and telecommunication technology to deliver automatic voice call / sms alert with respect to safe delivery, child immunization etc

Aarogyam aims to provide healthcare services to citizens at their doorsteps, with special focus on mother and child to bridge the gap between targets and actual delivery. Aarogyam caters to both Safe Motherhood and Child Survival Components. For the Former, it focuses on early registration of pregnancy, Ante Natal Care (ANC), Post Natal Care (PNC) and emphasizes on 100% immunization for ensuring the later. With these objectives, it uses modern ICT techniques for digital health mapping and pregnancy tracking.

The project prepares a complete health database with respect to the target group i.e. pregnant/lactating mothers and children in immunization age group. The database so generated forms the backbone through which the software system suo-moto generates automated calls on all aspects of ANC, PNC, safe delivery, child immunization, pulse-polio campaign etc. on telephone. Having full knowledge of one’s family health profile, citizens can be more informed and empowered to avail the required health facilities. Besides the project also has an interactive platform wherein a citizen can enquire about various health parameters, and lodge complaint on a given helpline number or through the website. Aarogyam therefore ensures that the government is reaching out to the people for providing responsive health care delivery.

Aarogyam has been awarded NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2010 award and M-Billionth Award South Asia 2010. It was the finalist in Stockholm Challenge Award 2010 and Manthan Award 2010. The program has been recommended for Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration. Initiated in Bagpat and JP Nagar districts of Uttar Pradesh and so far the program has benefited 1.4 lakh families.

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