Monday, April 18, 2011

INSPECTION QUESTIONNAIR ... Few Questions added for inspection of SB/SC Branches of BOs/SOs/HOs

Directorate vide SB order no 04/2011 (F.No.25-04/2009-FS(Vol-I) (Pt.) dated 01-04-2011, prescribed additional questions for inspection of Savings Bank / Savings Certificates Branches of all categories of Post Offices so as to implement the AML/CFT norms i.e Know Your Customer / Customer Due Diligence (KYC/CDD) of Depositors/Holders in Small Savings Schemes and Remittances in post Offices. The prescribed questions are to be attempted by all Inspecting Authorities during the regular course of Annual Inspection of post offices to be carried out from 1.4.2011. Question related to EDBOs are to be included in the normal Inspection Report and reviewed as per normal procedure. However, questions relating to SOs and HOs should be separately written as Annexure to the Inspection Report of the office which will be reviewed by Divisional/Regional/Circle office on the basis of Methodology given in the enclosed SB order.
To view full text of the said SB order, Download Link

Source : All India Association of Inspectors & Asst. Supdt. Posts, Maharashtra Circle.